"I can help you, what do you wanna know about the paradox?"- Lennie


Lennie was a member of The Paradox and served as a spy for Pearson Wright. During the final week of pirates online Lennie met Lord Lawrence Dagger and eventually joined Law's Brigade, after that Lennie started offering Lawrence information about The Paradox in exchange for Brigade Information and a promotion. During the final moments of Pirates of the Caribbean Online Johnny Goldtimbers told Lord Lawrence Dagger that Lennie was an East India Trading Company spy, however, this was never proved. After POTCO ended Lennie was never seen or heard from again, even though he has a wikia account.

Lennie and Lord Lawrence Dagger on Raven's Cove.

Full Name:






Hair Color:


Eye Color:



The Paradox

The Government of The Spanish Empire

Law's Brigade

East India Trading Company

Co. Black Guard


"I can Spy on rebel guilds British rebellion, bacon army, co. guard and eitc killers." lennie talking to law.

"I Even know johnny and his svs officers, i could tell you their tactics, and you can beat them easily." lennie talking to law again.

"They have elite co. muskateerer's who fire from afar" Lennie talking to law once again.

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