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Lawrence Daggerpaine is the twin brother of Lord Lawrence Dagger

Lawrence Daggerpaine
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Full Name:

Lawrence Daggerpaine





Hair Color:


Eye Color:



Paris, France




Gen. Of Peace

The Light


Elliot De Fleur Daggerpaine (Mother)

Cosme Daggerpaine (Father)

Lord Lawrence Dagger (Twin Brother)

Kat Walnutstone (Sister)

Bounty Hunter Bill (Adopted Brother)

Bill Plunderbones (Adopted Brother)

Davy Hookwrecker (Adopted Brother)


This part was taken from the players wiki.

Lawrence Daggerpaine was the son of two wealthy nobles. He was born in Paris, and moved to London when he was one. He lived in London until he was 16. While in London, he was a regular visitor to the Queen and King. When the Princess had a son, Lawrence was just down the hall. The son was John Breasly. You know how John's father was the King, and that he didn't want John to learn how to sword fight? That was Lawrence's idea to teach him. Lawrence at the time was the best sword fighter in Europe. He personally taught John how to fight with a sword, shoot like a marksman, and hit an apple with a dagger at 20 paces. It was all in secret of course, with a blacksmith named Charles.


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