Table Of Contnet'sEdit

  • Headlines
  • Adoption Corner
  • Brigadier Of The Day
  • Padres 5 Day forecast
  • Wizard's Even


This just in...

Wizard: The EITC seem to be now tormenting people on one of the most popular places on POTCO... Tortuga beach on Abassa.It is unknown if they will continue doing this to the people of the Caribbean.The answer could be a plan of Johnny Gold Timbers or a new enemy to the Caribbean.

Adoption CenterEdit

We got a nioce set of animals right from the amazon Jungle.

  • Tiger = Free
  • Panther = Free

Brigadier Of The DayEdit

  • Lord Lawrence Dagger

Padres 5 Day ForcastEdit

Monday = sunny

Tuesday = Partly Cloudy

Wednesday = Partly Cloudy

Thursday = Sunny

Friday = Sunny

Wizard's EvenEdit

Today Wizard just had a level up to lvl 40

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