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November 6, 2011

Table Of Content'sEdit

  • Headlines
  • Adoption Corner
  • Brigadier Of The Day
  • Best Brigadier Outfit Of The Day
  • New Brigadier's
  • Devil's Anvil 5 Day Forecast
  • Law Finally Level's
  • Law's Movie Review:Pirates Of The Caribbean On Stranger Tides
  • Featured Blog Posts Of The Day


Breaking News!!!

Wizard:"This Just In Johnn Gold TImber's Has Just Trid To Kill Me While His Family Watching Him" Wizard:"He Knocked About 2 People Down" Wizard:"We have 1 person who saw it." Wizard:"Will You Tell It What You Saw?" Wizard:"When Johnny Gold Timber's Attacked People In Port Royal?" Will O' Shot:"Yes, I Tried To Stop Him." Wizard:"What did u see happening?" Will:"Law Breaking Fights." Wizard:"Ok What kind of law beaking Fights?" Will:"Jail,EITC" Wizard:"Hmmm, Do you know if his family is around here?" Will:"i cant promise they will be here for long." Wizard:"Okay so are they Here?" Will:"But i Know his most prized valuable is" Wizard:"Ok, thank you for shaing your info with us" will:"thats how i plan to get him, np". Will:"Money Now" Wizard Hands Will The Money. Will:"Wait" Will Throws Money Back.

To be Continued...

Wizard:"Are u in johnny gold timbers family miss?" Wizard pokes her with a stick. zoye the tough looks up with tired eyes Zoye the tough:"Nay" Wizard:"Dont Lie we are on the Air" Zoye:"was a friend in the old days but is enemy now" zoyes eyes look red. Wizard:"This is going on youtube. Ok" Zoye:"im not a liar wizard" Wizard:"Okay, Just Saying." Zoye lies down and looks at something. Wizard:"This Concludes Brigade Breaking New's" Zoye Passes Out Again".

To Be Continued...

Addoption CornerEdit

Today At The Adoption Corner We Have The Followin Animal's Up 4 Adoption.

  • Coyote = Free
  • Badger = Free
  • Bloodbat = Free
  • Barred Owl = Free

Brigadier Of The DayEdit

The Brigadier Of The Day Today Is:

  • Miss Unforgettable

Best Brigadier Outfit Of The DayEdit

The Best Brigadier Outfit Of The Day Today Goes Too:

  • David Mcmartin

New Brigadier'sEdit

  • Freebooter
  • & About 4 More...

Devil's Anvil 5 Day ForecastEdit

The Following Is A 5 Day Forecast For Devil's Anvil:

  • Monday = Rainstorm
  • Tuesday = Sunny
  • Wednesday = Sunny/Cloudy
  • Thursday = Sunny
  • Friday = Thunderstorm

Law Finally Level'sEdit

Law Finally Level's Up Today To Notorety Level 30, Doll Level 7, Doll Level 8, Cannon Level 12, Potion's Level 13, Dagger Level 23 & Dagger Level 24 & Sword Level 25.

He Now Has 2 Story Quests too Complete & Also Has To Unlock His Staff!

Law's Movie Review: Pirates Of The Carribean On Stranger TidesEdit

Today Lawrence Reviewed Pirates Of The Caribbean On Stranger Tides, Lawrence:"I Highly Recommend You Watch This Movie".

Note: You Must Watch the other 3 in order before watcing thiotherwise it will make NO SENSE WHATSOEVER!

Featured Blog Posts Of The DayEdit

  1. DO YOU LIKE WAFFLES!?!?!?!?!?? ~ By WIZARD375
  2. Future Stuff ~ By Chris The Cat Lover
  3. Weird Stuff Yesterday ~ By WIZAD35

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