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Walker Is Back!

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Wizard ( AFK )

Little Red Rooster...

Chicken Up For Addoption!

November 4rth 2011

Table Of Content'sEdit

  • Headline's
  • Brigadier Of The Day
  • The War Continue's...
  • Best Brigadier Outfit Of The Day
  • Walker Is Back
  • Thanksiving Is Coming
  • New Brigadier's
  • Cangrejos Weather Report
  • New Island's Are Discovered!
  • Chicken Up For Adoption!


Today Lego Universe Was Shut Down, It Was So Shocking That Wizard Started Crying. But Why? Why Would They Shut Down Lego Universe? Lord Lawrence Dagger Say's: " It Was A Good Game... Altho Ive Never Played It Before". Will Lego Universe Ever Come Back???

Brigadier Of The DayEdit

The Brigadier Of The Day Today Is...

  • Wizard

The War Continue's...Edit

The Great War Between The EITC & The Brigade Continue's. Lawrence Says:" We Will Not Stop Until They Are Finished!". But Will The Brigade Even Make It Threw This War? Will The EITC Takeover? Will The Brigade Be Victorious? The Drama & Violence Continue's...

Best Brigadier Outfit Of The DayEdit

The Best Brigadier Outfit Of The Day Goes To...

  • Peter Fireshot

Walker Is BackEdit

Today Walker Came Back To The Brigade, Him & Lawrence Are Now Friend's Again But Instead Of His Old Rank He Is Now Veteran Again... Lawrence Says:"He Will Have To Earn My Trust Again.".

Thanksgiving Is ComingEdit

Thanksgiving Is Coming Soon... The Brigade Will Hold A Thanksgiving Party Sometime Soon(Hopefully)...

New Brigadier'sEdit

  • Rose
  • Walker
  • Peter Fireshot
  • Christopher
  • Freebooter
  • Dave

Cangrejos ForecastEdit

This Is A 5 Day Forecast For Isla Cangrejos.

  • Saturday = Windy
  • Sunday = Partly Cloudy
  • Monday = Thunderstorm
  • Tuesday = Sunny
  • Thursday = Cloudy/Rainstorm

New Islands Are Discovered!Edit

The Following Are New Discovered Island's.

Chicken Up For Addoption!Edit

Would anybody like this chicken??? its only:

  • FREE

Law Just Has 1 Request DONT EAT IT.

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