"This island has been chosen by Lord Cutler Beckett, the force behind the EITC , to be something of his own personal fortress. It is here that the EITC's less–than–legal doings can be kept secret from prying eyes. Plenty of Navy and 


Arriving at Kingshead.

EITC guards make the fort difficult to approach –– and even harder to escape from." - Pirates Online web site.


Kingshead, was one of the many islands locatied in the Caribbean in POTCO (Pirates of the Caribbean Online). The entire island is one big Royal Navy and East India Trading Company fortress.

There are many areas to explore and enemies to defeat (good place for mid-range pirates to level up, lower levels might want to go with a group). 


The areas within Kingshead are typical for what you would expect of a fortress. To reach most of them you most defeat multiple enemies of varying levels and associations (Navy or EITC). Kingshead was re-designed so some areas are no longer accessible, or only accessible through glitches.

Notable Areas:

  • Kingshead Jail: Within this jail there is an assassin lying in wait.

    Outside the Kingshead Jail.

  • The other Kingshead Jail
  • Kingshead Barracks
  • Kingshead6

    Kingshead Depot

    Kingshead Depot: Good hiding spot lots of boxes, cratesand other things, but no enemies within. This is definitely a good place to heal or go afk without worries.
  • Kingshead Armory
  • Main Fort: his is the first area you enter when you go inthe giant gates at the entrance. There is a group of 6 

A nice grouping of navy enemies to level up on.

veterans and 1 officer in the middle of this area and this group of enemies is a good way to level up staff or grenade as they stay relatively close together. The area is wide open and easy to move around in, but it is a very popular area as well. 

Discontinued Area's:

Other StuffEdit


Royal Navy:

  • Cadet ~ Lv 1-4
  • Marine ~ Lv. 6-10
  • Sergeant ~ Lv. 9-12?
  • Veteran ~ Lv. 13-19

    Assassin can be found in the Kingshead Jail

  • Officer ~ Lv. 18-???
  • Dragoon ~ Lv. 24-???

East India Trading Company:

  • Grunt ~ Lv. 13-19
  • Hired-Gun ~ Lv. 18-25
  • Mercenary ~ Lv. 22-30
  • Assassin ~ Lv 28-34


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