Khedryn ProtonblastEdit

Khedryn Protonblast is a Clone Trooper and member of Law's Brigade (CWA Version).


Status: Alive

Gender: Male

Species: Human (Clone)

Weapon's: Clone Trooper Blaster (DC-15S Blaster)


  • Lord Law
  • Dak Holocron
  • LAVA Darkgleam
  • sargent akmal
  • Droid Stunner
  • Syal Rockspark
  • rex skywake
  • luk Transborer
  • Pastis Biosting
  • choie Holoduster
  • lodono scaiburn
  • Hondo Thetatrace
  • Kit Graulstarter
  • mack minjooee
  • Rue estornes
  • Remulus Deltawalk

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