Kelly O'Vane Is The Younger Sister Of Charles O' Vane, She Left Rambleshack Unlike Her Older Brother Charles. She Escaped The Rambleshack Invasion Unlike Her Mother,Father and Brother Charles who died in the Invasion, she was at the time the only surviving O'Vane. She Stole a Ship And Sailed to Padres Del Fuego, Met Some Friend's And Allies, Then She Found A Brigade Soldier Who Recruited Her. They Went Walking In El Sudoron When The Soldier Got Chased Away By Undead Raider's, All Of The Sudden Kelly Was Alone Then She Saw a Tree, She Went Over by the Tree and sat next to it. Shockingly It was alive, the Tree got mad and Choked Kelly To Death. It Is Unknown What Happened to the Brigade Soldier. But Now all the O'Vanes Are Extinct.

Family:Charles O'Vane(Brother),Mira O'Vane(Mother), Unknown Father.

Weapon's Owned: Cutlass, Small Pocket Knife And Poison Dart.

Death: She Was Choked To Death By A Stump In El Sudoron.

Age: 15

Gender: Female