Ever since Halloween, Jolly has had a plan, an evil plan, a vile plan, one that could end pirates forever. The plan begun when Jolly finished making shadowy undead clones of pirates called Dark Dazed Men. These clones were used to attack the pirates but the only people who knew about them never got the opportunity to tell anyone because they went missing. The good news, they were found. The bad news, they had fused with their clone. The clone first fuses with the victim's mind, then the bodies are fused. However, Jolly had only gotten a small number of pirates fused with their own Dark Men. However, Jolly had come up with a new plan. the plan was that Jolly would copy his plan from the Dazed Dark Men but try it on himself . That is when he decided to fuse with the pirate with the biggest spirit, because the bigger the spirit the more powerful the dark voodoo is. This was a problem. However, I, David Mcmartin have narrowed it down to only four possible people, Lord Lawrence Dagger, Ned Whalebreaker, Emily Darkvane, Captain Kwagar, or Johnny Goldtimbers. This shall be a huge plan almost ending all pirates if Jolly succeeds. However, Jolly did not succeed, as he felt the need for power and picked the person easiest to find : Me. He fused with me, but I fought back and am now a pirate again. Although he is going to plan more...... Further info will be added as it is found. McMartin out.

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