Johnny RedpaineEdit

Johnny Redpaine was one of the original brigadiers and a Lieutenant in law's brigade POTCO (Pirates of the Caribbean Online) Version. He was also the Head Mercenary in the brigade Mercenary Team. Sometime in 2013 he decided to leave the brigade and go back to his original guild "The P E A C E K E E P E R S". Johnny was never seen or heard from after this.


When first joining the brigade johnny told Lord Lawrence Dagger that just like him he was in the East India Trading Company. Though his reason for leaving (yes, he told law that he left on his own) was unspecified. He always wore his old EITC (East India Trading Company) Uniform so it is possible that he missed the EITC. He also told lawrence that he when he was in the EITC he served during the Paradoxian-East India Trading Company war.


Gender: Male

Old LB Guild Rank: Officer

Old LB Rank 2: Lieutenant

Old Side Job:Head Mercenary

Notoriety: Level 47

Cannon: Level 23

Sailing: Mastered

Sword : Mastered

Shooting : Mastered

Doll : Level 15

Dagger : Mastered

Grenade : Level 9

Staff : Level 14

Potions : Level 12

Fishing : Level 20


  • His hair color was black.
  • His eyes were black.
  • He always wore his old East India Trading Company Outfit.