Jason Blademorgan was a member of the East India Trading CompanyCompany Guard (formerly) and Co. Black Guard during The Great War of the Brigade and the EITC. He was also around when Lawrence was in the EITC.

Jason Blademorgan

Full Name:

Jason Blademorgan





Hair Color:


Eye Color:



East India Trading Company

Company Guard

Co. Black Guard

Breif history: Jason Blademorgan a Lord during the final years of potco. Enlisted in the EITC in hopes to bring order to the carribean in 1741. Has been in nearly most of every EITC Guild. and has fought at least several wars. Jason has also had a breif friendship with Mr. Lawrence. But was ordered to execute him during his finals days with the EITC. though he nearly pulled it off. months afterwards Lawrence and Jason became, slight friends.

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