Not to be Confused with Jarrett.

Jarod, a very small Dutch pirate, is not in Law's Brigade himself, as he leads O U T L A W S, however, he is a good friend of Lawrence. Having played since October 12, 2007 (his Founder account was terminated, and he had a main pirate called Captain Benjamin Hornigold, since, then, in the names, "Capain" was allowed and it let you have longer names) he has literally seen it all and is the one to ask about old Port Royal, the old bodies, what happened then, discontinued items, rare starting clothes, and any other questions you might have, seeing things in a different perspective than most people since he's seen the game progress from just about the very beginning. Being a rollback on this wiki, if you have any problems, feel free to ask him or to report any spam, vandalism, or anything else as he is always willing to help.

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