Isla del Sufrimiento, translated to "Island of the Suffering", is a remote island located about fifty miles away or so from Deserted Island. Isla del Sufrimientos past is a bit gruesome and tragic, although nobody knows exactly what happened on this Island. It was discovered by Spanish Captain Castilla Castro who claimed that the Island was "haunted by lost souls", nobody believed him and he went back to try and prove his claim, he never returned. Missing in action for three weeks, the king of spain at the time sent out a rescue party, the rescue party found nothing except for several skulls and what looked like a shrine inside a cabin on the island, intrigued by this the king sent the men back with reinforcements only to find that the cabin had vanished into thin air, much like Castilla had. That is the origin of the islands name and how it was discovered. Since then many strange happenings have been reported on the island, still with little clues as to what exactly is going on. A lighthouse sits about a mile away from the island and is reportedly haunted by "Castillas spirit". 


Isla del Sufrimiento


  • Tower of the Forgotten [1] - An old rickety Tower that is believed to be at least one hundred years old.  On the first floor of the tower you will find some old bones, bloodstained walls and what looks like some sort of ancient hieroglyphic on the wall near the staircase. On the second floor you will find shelves aligned with dozens of books, the books are filled with blank pages. And lastly,the third floor is completely empty, accept for the words "Help me" scratched into the wall near the towers window.
  • Luz de la Esperanza [2], a mysterious lighthouse located about a mile away from the island, it is reportedly haunted by the ghost of Castilla Castro.

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