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Isla Perdida

Perdida is one of the many islands found in the POTC Caribbean Sea. It is sandy and has only one major cave/area, which has two entrances connecting the landing area with the inner area. It is a small, wild island with limited exploring possiblities.

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Enemies and interesting ThingsEdit

The most common enemy is the wasps, even the only boss on Perdida is a wasp (the Hive Queen). There are mostly bugs and insects of differents kinds to be found here, such as wasps, flytraps and scorpions. The inner area is set up much like El Sudoron in Padres Del Fuego.

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Scary Mary and a scared Emily.

One of the first interesting things that you see when you enter the inner area of Perdida is Scary Mary. She runs around like a crazy person and sways back and forth. Mary plays a role in the Black Pearl quest.   

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Emily battling a flytrap on Perdida

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