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Isla Cangrejos

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Isla Cangrejos is an island in POTCO (pirates of the caribbean online), the island is filled with undead french soldiers and other wildlife.

Isla Cangrejos
Screenshot 2013-09-19 04-18-59
The Shadow Wolf on its way to Cangrejos.


Caribbean Sea

Points of interest:

No information



Enemy's, Bosses and NPCs...Edit


French Undead:

  • French Quartermaster - Lv. 10-15
  • French Maitre - Lv. 15-20
  • French Lieutenant - Lv. 20-25
  • French Capitaine - Lv. 25-30


  • Sand Crab - Lv. 1-5
  • Rock Crab - Lv. 5-9
  • Giant Crab - Lv. 13-18
  • Devourer Crab - Lv. 19-25


French Undead:

Permanent Bosses:

  • Jacques Le Blanc - Lv. 35 ~ Undead French Lieutenant Boss


Permanent Bosses:

  • Croquettes De Crabe - Lv. 18-25  ~ Devourer Crab Boss
  • Scatter Snap - Lv. 13-19 ~ Giant Crab Boss

Deleted Bosses:

Permanent Bosses:

  • La Lapon Rouge - Lv. ~ Undead French Lieutenant Boss


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