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Icey was Law's Wizard101 Player, Back when he used to play Wizard101.

Gobbler Treasure Card2

My favorite Treasure Card.

Known SpellsEdit

  • Fire Elf
  • Snow Serpent
  • Leprechaun (W/The Amulet of the Fay)
  • Ice Trap
  • Iceblade
  • Fire Cat
  • Dark Sprite
  • Frost Beetle
  • Scarab
  • Bloodbat
  • Cyclops (W/ Amulet of Eyes)
  • Imp
  • Thunder Snake
  • Lightning Bats
  • Golem Minion
  • Evil Snowman
  • Volcanic Shield
  • Tower Shield
  • Ghoul
  • Troll
  • Ice Trap
  • Freeze

Known WandsEdit

  • Insulated Wand
  • Some Kind of Staff
  • Wand of the Novice

Evil Snowman

Known HatsEdit

  • A (Blue) Fur-Lined Hood
  • A (Blue) Novice's Hat
  • A (Blue) Elegant Hat
  • A (Blue) Bloomshroud
  • A (White) Venomous Cowl
  • A (White) Elegant Hat
  • A (Blue) Proactive Cowl

Known ClothingEdit

  • A (Blue) Novice's Robe
  • Frostleaf Outfit???

Other Item'sEdit

  • Amulet of the Fay
  • Some kind of dagger
  • Amulet Of Eyes

Treasure Card CollectionEdit

I used to collect Treasure Cards...

  • Seraph Treasure Card (1 of those :P)
  • Krokomummy Treasure Card (I Had like 20 or 30 of these ^_^)
  • Ghost Touch Treasure Card (Alot of those)
  • Fire Cat Treasure Card (1 of those)
  • Evil Snowman Treasure Card (I Had a few of those)
  • Fire Elf Treasure Card (1 Of those)
  • Snow Shield Treasure Card (Possibly)
  • Frost Beetle Treasure Card (some of those)
  • Gobbler Treasure Card (Like 40 Of Those.)
  • Troll Treasure Card (alot of those)
  • Cyclops Treasure Card (lots of those)
  • Snow Shield Treasure Card (i think i only had 1 of those)
  • Fire Shield Treasure Card (2 Of those)
  • Dark Sprite Treasure Card (A Couple Of Those)
  • Scarab Treasure Card (1 or 2 of those)


  • Engraved Sapphire Ring


  • Bloodbat (i forget what his name is)
  • Fire Cat (Also Forgot)
  • 2 Dragons
  • A Piggle (I think it was Blue)
  • Blue Cyclops
  • Imp
  • Blue Ghost

House Item'sEdit

  • Pile of Jellybeans
  • Ravenwood Banner
  • Ice Banner
  • Books


Name: Icey (I Forgot the rest of his name.)

Level: ???

Gender: Male

Type Of Wizard: Ice (Main) and Myth.

Hair Color: Blue


  • I was normally Fighting gobbler's in Colossus Boulevard (My favorite place in the game.) Or i was at Cyclops Lane (My 2nd Favorite Place in the Game.).
  • I'll add more later...

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