"Ice Wizards are typically Strong, Loyal, Courageous and Honest. Famous Thaumaturges include Winston Churchill, Santa Claus, and Glenda. Ice Wizards can take a lot of damage, but are somewhat weaker when attacking."

Ice Magic, is one of the many types of magic in Wizard101.

What is Ice Magic?Edit

"Ice Wizards, known as Thaumaturges, use powerful Chants to beseech aid from the Kingdom of Ice! The Giants used Thaumaturgy as a tool and used it to construct great castles in the sky."

Ice Magic is all about persistence, slow but steady progression and advancement, like the great glaciers forever sliding across the landscape. Those who embrace the power of Ice known as Thaumaturges, exhibit great patience and strength, but as a result they sometimes become rigid and infexlible. Thaumaturges use Chants to bargain or plead with Ice creatures to serve them.

History of Ice MagicEdit

When the world was very young, the Giants ruled the skies. The Grandfather Tree created them, as well as the Dragons and the craven Tritons. The Giants built castles in the clouds above and used Ice Magic to battle the Dragons and the Tritons.

Notable Ice Wizard'sEdit

"...with Persistence, Victory is assured."

Notable Thaumaturges:

Secondary Ice Wizard's:

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