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Basic InformationEdit

Gary Firecrash Is An Officer In Law's Brigade POTCO (Pirates of the Caribbean Online) Version.


Current Level: 24

Guildrank1: Officer

Gender: Male

Guildrank2: High Officer

Status: Unknown

Joined the Brigade: Sometime in 2012.

Notable QuotesEdit

Gary: "Can i be an officer? please, please, please."

Lord Lawrence Dagger: "First you will have to earn my trust..."

Gary: "no can i be an officer Nowwww!?"

Lord Lawrence Dagger:"If i promoted you to an officer now it wouldn't be fair to everyone else. and you JUST joined dude."

Gary: "Fine."

The very next day...


Lord Lawrence Dagger: "ok, stop please."

Gary: "But its so annoying!"

Lord Lawrence Dagger: "Aha... you got that right..."

Gary: "What?"

Lord Lawrence Dagger: "Nothing."

About two months later...

Lord Lawrence Dagger: "alright, you've proven yourself worthy gary, for your bravery and your choice to finaly stop begging me, i dub thee sir an officer of the brigade."

Gary: "Yeah thanks."

Lord Lawrence Dagger: "Oh wow... i thought you were going to give a speach or something...."

Gary: "Nope..."

Lord Lawrence Dagger: "......"

Gary: "What?"

Lord Lawrence Dagger: "Nothing."

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