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Baseball Cap; level 1 "Free Job" clothing XCZG923
Charcoal Bermuda Shorts; level 1 "Free Job" clothing 6TNBTGH
Chatdy Baseball Cap; level 1 "Free Job" clothing T86766R
Chatdy Shirt F7KPG5A
Checker Charged Helmet; level 1 Kart Driver item FACEBOOKFANS06
Crystal Hammer; level 1 Brawler weapon N4PF9R3
Doggy Bowling T-shirt; pet clothing JFRE87J
Dynamite; level 1 Miner tool FACEBOOKFANS05
Froggy Fries; turn into a frog FACEBOOKFANS02 orFROGGY
Goat Cheese; turn into a goat FACEBOOKFANS03
Mother's Day Bouquet; level 1 "Free Job" item, limited time ROSESFORMOM
Race Away Jacket; level 1 Kart Racer clothing CP24C5N
Robgoblin T-shirt; level 1 "Free Job" clothing ROBGOBLINBOOTY
Sample Booster Pack for Trading Card Game; 10 virtual cards, no loot card GMBZZ24B
Sandwich; turn temporarily smaller SANDWICH
Shadowblade; level 1 Ninja weapon FACEBOOKFANS04
Skeletal Speed Helmet; level 1 Kart Driver head item SKELETAL
Spider Snack; turn into shaggy spider CMNJGGE
Spook Sphere; turn into a ghost-like creature once PXNH6HB
Strawberry Surge Helmet; level 1 Kart Driver head item STRAWBERRIES
Striped Shoes; level 1 "Free Job" clothing KN78CH2
Striped T-shirt; level 1 Free-Style job chest item 3G9MKT2
Twilight Layered Skirt; level 1 "Free Job" clothing for females MPT38B3
Veggie Surprise; turn into fungal man-eating plant

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