Fort CharlesEdit

Sitting high above the island of Port Royal, this imposing structure of stone, Fort Charles, looks down onto the harbor and the town below, sadly, this is the new fort charles.

Her wall-mounted cannons are meant to protect vessels coming into or out of the harbor. They were unable to protect the citizens from the wrath of Hector Barbossa and the crew of the Black Pearl as they laid siege to the port, in search of the last coin from the cursed Aztec treasure of Cortez.

The fort is also where major island events are held, such as the promotion of James Norrington to the rank of Commodore. Recently, the fort underwent a change, making it even larger - sprawling up the hill to the summit. The outer court areas have a few Cadets and Guards protecting the entries, but once inside - a large number of more dangerous enemies can be found.

Fort Charles
Fort charles




Port Royal




East India Trading Company

Royal Navy

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