"Fire Wizards tend to be Smart, Passionate, Competitive, and Attractive. Famous Pyromancers inclue Morgan Le Fay and William Shakespeare. Fire Wizards have attack spells that linger, damaging their foes again and again."

Fire Magic, is one of the many types of Magic in Wizard101.

What Is Fire Magic?Edit

"Practitioners of the Fire Arts are Pyromancers. Like the Dragons before us, we have mastered the incantations of Fire. The ancient Dragons created Fire Magic to battle their sworn enemies, the Giants and the Tritons. The potency of Fire Magic is not for the rash."

Fire is passion, the bright, burning flame of raw emotion sweeping over everything. Those who follow Fire are known as Pyromancers, are tempestuous, quick to anger, and consumed by whatever drives them at that moment. They tend to walk a fine line, having great passion and enthusiasm for one's loves in life good, but watch out! Passion can burn you up and consume you, leaving nothing but a charred husk of your former self. Pyromancers use Incantations to dominate and convince Fire creatures to do their bidding. Fire Magic traces its origins back to the fierce Fire Dragons, the race of the Titans that ruled the land in the Days Before.

History of Fire MagicEdit

The Dragons, ancient Titans of the First World, were masters of Fire. The Dragons ruled the land and wanted the Sky and the Sea. But it was not to be. The Dragon's siblings, barbaric Giants and greedy Tritons, fought against them. To defend themselves, the Dragons created the Magic of Pyromancy. But alas! It was not enough to save them.

Notable Fire Wizard'sEdit

"If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun."

Notable Pyromancers:

Secondary Fire Wizards:

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