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Kwagar Commanding A Squad Of Troops

The Empire Is a group (Not a Guild) led by Captin Kwagar.

Notable Member'sEdit

  • Captin Kwagar ~ Emperor
  • Will O' Shot ~ Member
  • William Keelspinner ~ Member
  • Harakoti ~ Member
  • Jack Badfish ~ Member
  • Paloma ~ Member
  • Matthew Raidgrim ~ Member
  • Zoye The Tough ~ Member
    Screenshot 2011-11-06 20-45-01

    Some Of The Empire

  • Noonrider ~ Member
  • Charles Hexshot ~ Member



This was found on The Empire wiki on their home page that people can just copy for free!!!!!!

The Empire has now reached 1 of its 3 goals and officially conquered the Caribbean and now Emperor Kwagar rules over the Caribbean. A new era of Imperial Control has started.

  1. Take Control of the Caribbean - Complete
  2. Destroy the Rebellions
  3. The new Golden Age of the Caribbean under the Rule of Emperor Kwagar

This Could Be FakeEdit

We have info that Kwagar is not in control that he works for someone.(?) Maybe the person that he fears that even we, the Brigade, shouldn't mess with. Could it be his brother or someone else? This info was found in the comments on Kwagar's wiki.

Wow you guys are dumb you do realize the empire isn't the true thing Kwagar runs, it's a cover he's lied for over 2 years; the empire is just s cover. Also I used Kwagars account to put wizards name down. If your wondering who I am I have many names. My name is untold for I have many but you may call me Kwagar's master you are cool my apprentice has done his job well he has hidden what is to come.

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