Fight on AbassaEdit

Fight on Abassa was a conflict or intense arguement that took place on 9/9/2013 on abassa, tortuga, padres and ravens cove. It all started when Lord Lawrence Dagger confronted Johnny Goldtimbers About LBW (Law's brigade wiki) Vandals from 3 years ago, johnny said that one of the vandals was "Blake Stuart" posing as him on the wiki. Eventually one thing went to another and a huge arguement was started, it went to the point that current EITC lord marshall johnny goldtimebers violently threw his coat onto the ground, took out his sword and pointed it right in laws face.

Fight on Abassa


September 9th 2013


September 9th 2013


Pirates of The Caribbean Online: Abassa, Tortuga, Wright's Blacksmithing.


The Great War of the Brigade and the EITC.

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