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"Were fraternal twins, Either way we don't have a mental link."

Emily Darkvane
Emily Darkvane

Full Name:

Emily Darkvane Sparrow





Hair Color:


Eye Color:



Law's Brigade

The Wizard Club

Co. Black Guard

East India Trading Company

Pirate Republic

EITC Black Marines

The Empire


Jack Sparrow (Father)

Angelica (Mother)

Angel Darkvane (Sister)

David Mcmartin (Brother)

William Darkvane (Late Husband)


Emily Darkvane and her twin sister Angel Darkvane were taken away by the East India Trading Company as children when their Dad was drunk. Jack didnt realize he basically gave his children away to settle his own debt to the East India Trading Company until after the event, Jack went on a mission to find the twins. As this went on.... Emily and Angel got to Port Royal Jail that evening.The next morning, Emily and Angel were bailed by Samuel Redbeard.They were sent to school and basically raised by Samuel.When they were thirteen and sixteen Jack found them as they were already brainwashed bJolly Roger.Jack got them back And took them home to Tortuga. Six months later, Angel became a death eater. 


If you want to know more about Emily Darkvane click on the links below for more information.


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