Basic InformationEdit

El Sendon is the current leader of The Fichun Clan, a notorious tribe of odd gold armored warriors.


El Sendon



El Sendon (Real identity unknown) grew up on Fichun Island with his dad Sciantai' (who was the leader of the tribe at that time) Sciantai' taught Sendon everything he knew about leadership, the Fichun ways and ruthlessness. Sendon was trained Non-stop for 15 years until one day his father was killed in a boating accident near bloody bay. After that sendon (at age 24) was the new leader of the tribe, enraged and still greiving about his fathers death sendon started raiding small islands, fishing ships and whatever came his way. During one of those raids, he found one of el patrons weapons "Skull Smasher", a famed sword that had a long history, it was blessed by gypsy's and was cursed by jolly roger which made the sword itself "Undestructable", with this new weapon he became known as El Sendon.

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