Doc SkirataEdit

Doc Skirata Is a Mandalorian Guild General And an Enemy Of Law's Brigade. He has Attacked Law's Brigade Wiki and led MANY Attacks against the brigade in the past.

Doc Skirata's Wanted Poster

Skirata's Wanted Poster.


Doc Skirata was a Trandoshan Mandalorian during the Clone Wars. He is one of the Generals in Mandalorian Guild.

" Im the only civilized Trandoshan", - Doc to many friends.

Doc Skirata was born on Trandosha, and was raised in a harsh enviroment.As a child, he was beaten by

his father, Hersk, for not being like the rest. One night, his dad beat him too hard, and Doc left the house hold, leaving his father and mother behind.

From there, Doc went in the librarian business at Coruscant. One day, while helping in the archives, he found out that he was part Mandalorian. After that, Doc was put into a new world.

Leaving the library, Doc went on a wild adventure, going to planet to planet, meeting many new people and making new friends.He was like able, and very well-mannered.

After two years on Corellia, Doc went to Mandalore.There, he met Aloquar Ordo, leader of the Mandalorian Guild. He made himself known as every time he saw a member of the Guild, he greeted them, saying " Good afternoon". Doc was made commander, thanks to his loyalty and courage.Doc had few peers, and was very accepted.

Doc managed to make the rank General, proving himself loyal, courageous, and civilized.

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