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Devil's Anvil is located between Port Royal and Tortuga. It is basically in the middle of all of the major islands. This island is classified as a wild island, but it is safe even for beginning pirates. It's location allows for easy travel to it from anywhere. 


One of the main purposes of Devil's Anvil is to allow beginning pirates to get their pistol. There are limited enemy characters on this island and only one internal area. Inside this area is Captain Barbossa, a NPC (non-player character). He is accompanied by his pet monkey (Jack) who is labelled as a level 1 enemy. Your can use this monkey as target practice for your pistol after you get it from Barbossa.
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Captain Barbossa on Devil's Anvil

Enemies on Devil's AnvilEdit

The enemies on Devil's Anvil are mainly scorpions and crabs. These enemies are low level, anywhere from level 1 to level 6. Jack the monkey is considered an enemy, however no matter how many times you shoot, stab, or blow him up he refuses to die or even attack you back. 

Other things to knowEdit

There are several glitches that can be found on this
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The inside of Devil's Anvil (Barbossa's Grotto)

island. This includes the Devil's Anvil dog glitch. Besides glitches, there is also an event the used to occur on this island on Mondays or Tuesdays. This event was called Barbossa's Grotto Monada Nightclub. It was a coming together of numerous people including enemies and allies, founders and beginners.
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Another view of Barbossa's Grotto.

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