In the moviesEdit

In the movies (Pirates of the caribbean 2: davy jones locker and pirates of the caribbean 3: at worlds end) Davy Jones Locker is another dimension in which the kraken sends you.

In the Game (POTCO)Edit

In the game (POTCO (Pirates of the caribbean online)) its a glitch that resembles the movie version, it is basicly an endless void... Also in potco it is mentioned several times by NPC's and davy jones crew.

Lego POTC video gameEdit

In lego POTC (pirates of the caribbean) the video game the game appears in one level.

Davy Jones lockerEdit

in spongebob a different version of the locker appears in The Big One, where the flying dutchman appears in a locker and davy jones (the singer himself) starts laughing and throwing dirty laundry at him while davy jones song "Sleepy Jean" is playing.

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