David Mcmartin Is A Brigade Soldier.

Gender: Male

Eyecolor: Green

Guild Rank1: Veteran

Guild Rank2: Quartermaster

Family: (brother) John Wildhayes, (father) Jack Sparrow, (sister) Emily Darkvane

The faithful, funny, odd, and eccentric pirate named David McMartin is online very commonly and is the son of the notorious pirate: Captain Jack Sparrow. His birth was unknown because it was before Jack was well-known and wanted. David's Mother died during childbirth, due to a curse set on her by a dying witchdoctor. Because of this Jack struggled to raise his son, but despite his struggles he ended up taking very good are of David. David is know an odd and amazing pirate, along with his long lost sister Emily Dakvane and his long lost brother John Wildhayes. David tries to keep the identity of his father a secret so that no one will swarm around him or tease him about his dad. To find this young man, look in Law's Brigade, a very poweful resistance guild for the pirates against the EITC and Jolly Roger, plus other major threats.