Dark NebulaEdit

Dark Nebula is a squad in CWA (Clone Wars Adventures) led by Xalandra Nova.

Full StoryEdit

Dark Nebula was the name of the criminal cartel of Nova the Hutt, the sinister crimelord who took financial control of the Nova Corporation away from Xalandra Nova. Dark Nebula was responsible for controlling spice flow from the origin worlds into the inner and outer rim territories, reaping sizable profits in the process.

Nova the Hutt, like most Hutts, sought to begin its criminal career through the exploitation of lesser beings on its homeworld of Nal Hutta. Already born to a Clan of immense wealth, Nova the Hutt was not satisfied answering to the leaders of its Clan and soon sought greater power among the stars. Taking a portion of the Clan wealth that it was rightfully entitled to, Nova the Hutt hired mercenaries or gained control of alien guards and convinced them to continue their service in return for payment.

At first, Nova the Hutt was satisfied with what control and influence it had, but gambling and treachery were among the Hutt's less savory characteristics. It soon ran afoul of other crime lords, both Hutt and non-Hutt, which sought to bring it down. Nova the Hutt, being as evil and craft as most of its kind, looked for a way to gain more power. Days went by and during its search, it came across the Nova Corporation, a name which struck a cord within the evil alien. The Hutt began to use its influence to search into the dark and murky dealings of the founder of the corporation, Xalandra Nova. Soon, it had enough ammunition to coerce the human woman into doing exactly what it wanted, namely supporting its criminal efforts to trick the Banking Clan, Commerce Guild, and the Corporate Alliance that the Hutt was the rightful owner and founder of the corporation. Faced with the threats and the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence, Xalandra Nova agreed and became the chief of staff in service to the evil Nova the Hutt, who absorbed the Nova Corporation and all of its holdings and employees into the Dark Nebula crime cartel.

Notable Member'sEdit

  • Xalandra Nova ~ Leader
  • James Loanstar ~ ???
  • Ares Nighracer ~ ???
  • Nova DarkMoon ~ ???
  • Crow Shadowhawk ~ ???
  • Alexander Skysear ~ ???
  • Master Rouge ~ ???
  • Dashj30 shadowheart ~ ???
  • Alesis Citadel ~ ???
  • Mal DarkNova ~ ???
  • Zagent Windsmuggler ~ ???
  • Coros Phaseslider ~ ???


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