Dark Dazed Men, are the shadowy undead clones of pirates created by Jolly Roger for his planThese clones were used to attack the pirates but the only people who knew about them never got the opportunity to tell anyone because they went missing. The good news, they were found. The bad news, they had fused with their clone. The clone first fuses with the victim's mind, then the bodies are fused.

There are very few Dark Dazed Men in The Caribbean, but legend has it if you encounter one it will steal all of your senses; your eye sight, hearing, smell, etc.

Dark Dazed Men




Pirate Basic


Jumbee Lord Lawrence Dagger

Jumbee Lawrence Daggerpaine

The Ghost of Lord Lawrence Dagger

The Ghost of Lawrence Daggerpaine

Jumbee Emily Darkvane

Jumbee Johnny Goldtimbers

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