See also: What's Wrong With Cuba? and the Snow Glitch (POTCO).

Cuba is a large island with a population of bandits and smugglers - and many pirates. Even Cuba’s merchants and planters are happy to trade with pirates, smugglers and anyone else offering a good deal, despite what laws and regulations may demand. Many of the plantation owners and merchants feel a growing resentment towards Spain and particularly its mercantilism; it is likely that this resentment will erupt into open revolt before too long.  (Taken from the Pirates of the Caribbean Online Wikia)

Cuba was one of the five main islands in POTCO (Pirates of the Caribbean Online). This island was important during the beginning of every pirate's adventure because they were introduced to Tia Dalma and her voodoo powers. Two of the weapons of every pirate used voodoo so she was an important part of a pirate's adventure. The two weapons that used voodoo were the voodoo doll and the voodoo staff. A pirate would earn their initial voodoo doll by completing a quest for Tia Dalma.



Caribbean Sea

Points of interest:

Tia Dalma's Hut, Cuba jail, ship repair, and lots of swamp land.


neutral site, Tia Dalma is on her own side and Cuba is her land.




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