Company GuardEdit

The company guard was an East India Trading Company Guild in POTCO (pirates of the caribbean online) during The great war of the brigade and the EITC.

Company Guard


William Brawlmartin


William Brawlmartin


Eric Machawk

Jason Blademorgan

Formed from:

East India Trading Company

Co. Black Guard


East India Trading Company

How the guard fellEdit

During The War of the Paradoxian vs England Lord William Foolishly Left The EITC And Put King John at The Moment In Charge. the Past Few Weeks While He was Not Online Captain Leon Managed To Take Over Control of The Company Guard, And During That Time he Had Framed Lord William. He Turned His Men Against Him and when William Came to Reconginze It was too Late. William Had Tried To Convince His Men he was Framed But they did not believe Him. Finally, King John Breasly Came Online and set Things Straight and Gave the Guild Back to William. But in the Middle of that Time Before William Had got the Guild the Company had Fell. 86 To 35. William Was Shocked. As The Days went by More Men Droped Out. Untill Their was 10 Men Left. Currently In the Guild Now Their Are Only 4. William Has Gone to Abassa Many Times to Recruit But Because of The Slow Buisness to Recruit when ever He got men Because of the Shortage of Numbers. They Would Immdiatly Drop Out.

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