Commander Shard

Commander Shard Is a Clone Commander in CWA, He normally serves Under the Command Of General Lawrence Blasterpaine. He is very Trustworthy and Is also The Leader Of Colorfull Company. He also Lead the Colorfull Company Alongside Lawrence During the Battle Of Christophsis, Afterward's they won the Battle. He has Served In many Battle's Alongside Law.


Commander Shard was strangled by lawrence when he decided to quit the jedi order and kill his own clone's.


The Following Battle's are the Battle's That Shard has Served In.

  • Battle Of Christophsis
  • The Battle Of Umbara
  • Battle Of Rendili
  • Battle Of Belderone
  • Ambush on Felucia

Commander Shard

Commander Shard During The Battle Of Christophsis.

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