Commander NiffEdit

Commander Niff was a clone commander in the grand army of the republic. Commander Niff Was the commander of Gundark Company, A Company Of Clone Troopers. Niff was sent by the jedi council to help Jedi Master Shaak Ti And Jedi Master Eeth Koth in Rescuing Lord Law And the colorfull company From Evil Separatist General Crix Exohusker. Niff And The Gundark Company Fought Hard During The Battle. During the battle Commander Niff And several other Gundark Company Member's Broke inside Crix's Outpost While Everyone else was distracted with fighting and trying to kill each other and Set Lord Law And the Colorfull Company Free, But just as Lawrence Was thanking Niff, Niff was shot threw the heart By Crix. Niff Fell to the ground Lifelessly.

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