Co. Pirate Lords was a guild founded early in 2011 to fight the EITC guild Co. Black Guard. Its first guildmaster, an already feared pirate by the name of Burnrage, let the guild through many battles against Jolly Roger and his undead minions, cursed pirates, Co. Black Guard, and even rival pirate guilds.

Battles and AchievementsEdit

The Battle of Tortuga - Early 2011 - a battle in which Burnrage and his small guild made a daring attack on the Co. Black Guard and managed to kill several EITC officers and send spies among the EITC.

Many, many, MANY, invasions of Jolly Roger. - (2011-2013)

The War Against I N F E R N O - Mid 2011-Late 2012 - A series of battles between Co. Pirate Lords and the pirate guild I N F E R N O. In late 2012 the guildmaster of Co. Pirate Lords joined I N F E R N O, leaving one of his officers, Nate Bladehawk, to continue the guild.

Many sinkings of the retched ship, Queen Anne's Revenge - Early 2012

The Battle for Fort Charles - Early 2012 - Burnrage and his now large guild wiped out the entire EITC/Royal Navy population of Fort Charles.

The Battle of Cuba -  Mid 2012 - Burnrage's Highest Officer, Nate Bladehawk Jr., led a group of guild and ally forces against the foul creatures of Cuba.


Burnrage - Guildmaster

Nate Bladehawk Jr.- Officer

Nate Bladehawk - Officer

Sam - Officer

Black Smith - Veteran

Rachel Bladehawk - Veteran

Pirate (LvL9) - Veteran

I will have to look at some screenshots to add more.

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