Clenode is a member of The Fichun Clan, he is currently the 3rd in command of the clan. He uses a Sabre when ever fighting and commands a small platoon of Fichun tribal warriors. 


Clenode ready for battle.


Clenode son of Sharzan III (a local gypsy/healer in the original fichun clan with Sciantai' and Barbarris) also has a story, as a kid his father taught him black magic and several healing potions that would hopefully keep clenode alive if he was wounded in battle, to his fathers horror and extreme disapproval clenode used these potions and magic to create other potions that he would later use for Destruction and Death, One day his father Sharzan III confronted him about it, in response clenode slashed his throat and dumped his body in Arlou Sea. Clenode is now 3rd in command of the fichun clan.

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