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Charles O'Vane

Charles O'Vane was a man who never Left RambleShack, He Lived at RambleShack and Died there Sadly. He Died in a Fight with General Dark Hart in an Invasion on Rambleshack.

Later in his Life At Rambleshack Before it was Destroyed a Brigade S
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oldier Happened To Find It, And Recruit Him. Age: 17
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Death: Rambleshack

Weapons Owned: Crude Cutlass

Guild Rank: Veteran

Guild Rank2: Recruit

Family: Unknown Father, Mira O'Vane And Kelly O'Vane(Little Sister)


He Died Trying to Protect His Family, He Died in a Duel with General Dark Hart. Dark Hart Pierced his heart With his Dagger and then the Undead Continued Invading the Island and Destroyed it.

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