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Call of duty is a online First person shooter action game

Modern warfare 3

that has been developted by Activision and Triarch games.

There is currently 8 games but its about to change

to nine in November of 2012 aka Black ops 2

Games (order from earliest to newest)Edit

  1. Call of duty finest hour
  2. Call of duty big red one
  3. Call of duty 3
  4. Call of duty 4 modern warfare
  5. Call of duty world at war
  6. Call of duty modern warfare 2
  7. Call of duty Black ops
  8. Call of duty Modern Warfare 3

Black ops 2Edit

Black ops 2 is a game set to release in November of 2012

This game is on preorder and a cool fact is triarch stopped

helping making the call of duty series.

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