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Captain EthanEdit

Captain Ethan was a brigade member and once third in command of Law's Brigade Pirates of the Caribbean Online Version during The Great War of the Brigade and the EITC. It was well known that ethan was a close friend of Walker. One day Ethan decided to leave the brigade, he was never seen or heard from after this.

Captain Ethan
Captain Ethan
Captain Ethan on Isla Cangrejos.

Full Name:

Captain Ethan





Hair Color:


Eye Color:




East India Trading Company




Law's Brigade

East India Trading Company

Screenshot 20111-10-09 12-24-26

Captain Ethan and Lord Lawrence Dagger on Isla Cangrejos. If you look closely you can see Boyy in the background fighting a giant crab.


  • He was once suspected of being an East India Trading Company Spy.
  • It is possible that Ethan had just decided to quit Pirates online.
  • Ethan often liked to dress up like fellow brigadier Marck Swordstalker, though they rarely encountered eachother.
  • Compared to all that went on, this page is considered a major stub.

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