Pirates of the CaribbeanEdit


Daniel Sidelong (AKA Burnrage) is a pirate--known for his fighting skills, burning rage, and daring in battle--


Full Name:

Daniel Sidelong


Alive (Active)



Eye Color:

Said to be orange like the flames of burning ships.

Hair Color:



Leeds, England.




Co. Pirate Lords, I N F E R N O, CYCLONES, The Paradox

Brigade Rank:


who became after years of pirating one of the greatest pirates that ever lived.

At the young age of 12 Daniel ran away from his abusive uncle in England and stowed-away aboard a merchant sailing vessel, named the Fortunes Luck, that was headed towards the Caribbean. Upon arriving in the The Caribbean the Fortunes Luck was taken over by pirates, who forced Daniel to kill the merchant captain in exchage for them sparing his own life. After killing the merchant captain Daniel became filled with anger and turned his pistol torwards the crowd of pirates and fired, striking a barrel of rum which exploded, killing the pirate captain as well as most of his crew. As the ship began to burn, Daniel freed the surviving seamen, overpowered the pirates, and boarded their ship. Daniel and the crew watched as the Fortunes Luck burnt and sank into the ocean. Burnrage--the alias Daniel adopted for his firery rage and in memory of the burning ship--with his new ship, which he named the Death Serpent, and new crew sailed into the sunset with the intent of conquering the Caribbean.

Known Aquaintances:Edit



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