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Brigade PVP Battle 1Edit

The Brigade PVP Battle 1 was a conflict that started during the start of The Great War of the Brigade and the EITC in 2011, this was the brigades very first battle against the East India Trading Company and the brigades first Victory.

Brigade PVP Battle 1
Screenshot 2011-09-25 19-25-43


October 25th, 2011


October 25th, 2011


Pirates of the Caribbean Online: Pillager's Pass


The Great War of the Brigade and the EITC


Law's Brigade Wins


Law's Brigade:

East India Trading Company:

Lies on POTCO Players WikiEdit

Shortly after the battle ended, the screenshot was edited and posted on the players wiki, the fake screenshot stated that the brigade had lost. The fake screenshot was posted by a well known potco players user, which of course everyone believed.

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