Brigade Newspaper Issue 8Edit

In this issue we will bring you some things you've probably never even knew about potco, CWA updates and possible updates and much, much, more...

POTCO is officially overEdit

As some of you may or may not know, POTCO (Pirates of the caribbean online) despite all the petitions and begging, potco officially closed on september 19th 2013. Law managed to also get several pictures of exactly what happened when it closed, a special message was displayed and all accounts were frozen and in a matter of seconds, deleted... A Brave pirate on the grog blog said something which i think you should all hear...

"Goodbye all you savvy swashbucklers and good luck. Now be the time to look back at all those who helped you down the road of infamy but never made it to the end themselves. It is time to right your name in the history books and move forth as a legend of the Caribbean."

Mysterious CWA Unreleased PetEdit

With a little digging an unreleased CWA Gundark Pet was discovered on the Official SOE Blog, this is what it said about it on the official blog:

"Star Wars®: Clone Wars Adventuresâ„¢ players have Ghanesh the pet to look forward to as their in-game item. Don't let the color of its fur fool you. Despite being blue, Ghanesh has a surprisingly fiery personality!"

Featured Brigadier of the DayEdit

Todays featured brigadier of the day is..... Jango Porterman! Congratulations Jango Porterman!

Outfit of the IssueEdit

And the outfit of the day goes to.... Drew Hollister! Congratulations Drew Hollister!

Beta POTCOEdit

Did you know during the beta stages of potco there was dolphins and seagulls? Did you know that there was many areas that there aren't now? For example: Unidentified Underground Area. Did you know that all the islands, ALL OF THEM (Accept for ravens cove, which was not released yet) looked completely different then they do today? Example: Old Port Royal Gallery. Did you know that there were many enemys back then that don't exist today? Example: Beta Skeleton.

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