Table of Content'sEdit

  • Strange Weather in the Caribbean
  • Brigadier Of The Day
  • Best outfit Of the Day
  • More on EITC Recruiting Pirates

Strange Weather in the CaribbeanEdit

So lately in POTCO (Pirates of the Caribbean Online) there has been some strange weather going on, for example yesterday it was RAINING pet dogs and chickens. Now it seems to be raining pet wasps, dogs and chickens. Also if you've noticed the sky is and water are rapidly changing colors.

Brigadier Of The DayEdit

Today's Brigadier of the day is (may i note: these are always randomly picked) Undead, congratulations undead.

Best outfit of the dayEdit

The best outfit of the day (or issue, rather) goes to... Nick, congratulations nick.

More on EITC Recruiting PiratesEdit

As you well know from our last Issue we said that the EITC were desperately recruiting pirates, well, we were right. Here's another screenshot of an EITC Pirate. Before (3 years ago) when lawrence was in the EITC it was illegal to even DRESS as a pirate or wear anything but EITC clothing.

Screenshot 2013-09-09 00-06-34

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