Brigade Medical TeamEdit

The Brigade Medical Team is a Team of Doctor's, Nurses, Paramedic's, Etc., Etc., Etc. People who take care of the wounded soldier's in the Brigade.

Notable Member's:

  • Wizard
  • Marck Swordstalker
  • Raven Stealth

Open Medical Fields:

Head Doctor = Wizard

Doctor = Marck swordstalker

Doctor = Open

Doctor = Open

Lead Surgeon = Open

Surgeon = Open

Surgeon = Open

Nurse = Open

Nurses Assistant = Raven Stealth

Nurses Assassitant = Open

Paramedic = Marck swordstalker

Paramedic = Open

Cardiologist = Open

Head Animal Birth Doctor = Wizard

Animal Birth Doctor = Marck Swordstalker

More Coming Soon...