About N' StuffEdit

Black and White Magic are opposites, Black Magic was used by the Black Dragon that was cast into The Mist where he was put in the darkest and deepest cave where he would be ripped to pieces and his magic sucked into his scales then scattered everywhere you can think of.

News of Black and White MagicEdit

  • "The Black Market" Has been defeated, Black and White Magic sections have been updated.

Black Magic todayEdit

Ever sense the defeat of "The Black Market" Black Magic has been disappearing and people that have suffered "The Black Market" and all black magic are been treated while the remaning people that used Black Magic at being hunted down.

White Magic todayEdit

White Magic has increased by a lot sense the downfall of Black Magic, People have been finding white scales appear off the shores of some major cities like Brigade City, Tartos and Wyster.

The tale of the wizard NastrodumEdit

Legend says in the book of history (found in the Brigade Cities library) that there was more than two kinds of magic, the children on the black and white dragons, other kinds of magic which powers where more powerful then there parents.A wise old wizard named Nastrodum found these other dragons of magic, they where like none other before, some told the stories of life, some told the stories of death, Nastrodum now lives on the mountain where Nastrodum said they were.In two quiet towns the towns people get some strange appearanes right after the Nastrodum spread the word, one of the towns Nastrodum was born in and grew up, Autumnsbugh.In Autumnsburgh each morning a fog settles in, not your regular white fog, green fog!A shadow of a dragon seems to be in the sky, the people of Autumnsburgh say the Nastrodum bonded with one of the dragons.In the other quiet town only a quarter of a mile away at sunset the people there see a red fog and the same shadow, they believe that Nastrodum bonded with a dragon of immpossible things.Few have climbed the mountain to see if the legend is true but all have failed risking there lives, wizards can't fly up there now because Nastrodum or something keeps wizards from doing that.

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