Battle Aboard the Sea Conquerer


October 14, 2011‎


October 14, 2011‎


Pirates of the Caribbean Online: The High Seas: Sea Conquerer.


The Great War of the Brigade and the EITC.

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"This ship is no longer under your control, i hereby commandeer it in the name of the EITC!" 

Lord Lawrence Dagger and Marck Swordstalker were out sailing on Marck's Ship The Sea Conqueror, when suddenly they were boarded by several East India Trading Company ships. It turns out that Johnny Goldtimbers the 2nd in command of the EITC (East India Trading Company) at that time, was sent by King John Breasly and Samuel Redbeard (1st in command of the EITC, Lord Marshal of the EITC at that time) to assassinate Law and "commandeer" marck's ship, they told marck and law surrender, they refused, so this of course led to a battle (or fight, rather).


Law's Brigade:

East India Trading Company:

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