Bane VectorboltEdit

Bane Vectorbolt was a clone general (Formerly Commander) In Law's Brigade C.WA.

(Clone Wars Adventures) version. He enjoys playing galactic forces with people and hanging out in the Jedi Temple's Main Hall.

Bane now

Leaving the brigadeEdit

His reason for leaving The Brigade was  "Oh um, I wanted to team up with squads".


Species: Human (Clone)

Status: Unknown

Old Rank1: Commander

Old Rank2: Elite


  • "Tell the team Bane says bye."- Bane Vectorbolt to Lord Law
  • "Prepare to get taken down by the Republic." ~ Bane Vectorbolt.
  • "The droids are weak compared to my clones!"- Bane Vectorbolt.
  • "That's funny Dooku!"-Bane Vectorbolt to Tim dooko.
  • "I can not put in.."- Bane Vectorbolt.
  • "HEY YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE NOW!" - Bane Vectorbolt.

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