Anna IceHeart is an indepedent Ice Wizard from Laws Brigade.

Anna IceHeart
Anna Iceheart

Full Name:

Anna Emily IceHeart





Hair Color:

Snow White

Eye Color:

Sky Blue


Law's Brigade


Tyler IceHeart (father, deceased) Kimberly Stone (mother, deceased) Alicia IceHeart (sister)

School Of Magic:

Ice (primary) Life (secondary)

Born to Kimberly Stone and Tyler IceHeart, Anna and her sister Alicia sought out to find a better life the poor life they were born into. The two girls where raised learning about fire and storm magic from their parents which took away their misery of their poverty. Everything seemed to get better until one unfortunate night. Anna was tucked into bed by her parents and softly when to sleep not hearing that sounds erupting from downstairs. Malistaire, the most powerful Death wizard in all the spiral, had barged into their house and sought out to destroy the little family for their involvement in the death of his wife Sylvia Drake. Tyler and Kimberly fought hard to protect Anna and Alicia but ended up dying for their little girls. Malistaire not hearing a sound from the girls, left in a huff to plot his revenge on the spiral for his wife. 

Newly orphaned, Anna and Alicia were sent to Marleybone to live with their aunt Sally and their uncle Jack. They treated the two girls very kindly but no kindness in the world could fill the void they had for their missing parents. Their lives seemed to be at a stand still until the day Merle Ambrose, headmaster of Ravenwood Academy, summoned the girls to the school to begin their studies in whatever school of magic they chose and to help him defeat Malistaire. They two girls agreed and began their new lives in the Ravenwood Academy. Alicia chose the school of storm, while Anna chose the school of ice. 

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