Basic InformationEdit

Alexander Is a member of the Fichun Clan, 2nd in command of the clan to be exact, if encountered he uses a bow and is NOT to be taken lightly.




Alex was just a boy when he was wrongly convicted of piracy, he was then thrown in jail and scheduled to be hung at dawn the very next day. That night he was awoken by one of the navy guards scream and sat up to see what was going on, he say a tall man with several soldiers who appeared to be setting prisoneers free, the tall man came up to his cell broke open the door and said "Join the Us, or die". Alex didn't need to think this over, so he joined the Fichun Clan and was trained by El Sendon who would soon become his "Master" after 5 years of non-stop training Alex was turned into a war machine and was now known as "Alexander", Alexander then became 2nd in command of the Fichun tribe.